so…..this is what it’s like to have a blog

Let me start by saying I have never been “into” blogs. I think self expression is awesome and I’m all for it but I never, in a million years, would’ve dreamed I’d be sitting here typing this post shortly after having created this page……it is scary. 

         What if people don’t like me? What if the people that do don’t like what I have to say? What should I write? When should I write? Who is actually going to care what I have to say? These are the questions that run through my head EVEN as I am typing this….but there is a common theme in them (besides them being crossed out of course), they make this blog about me. And if you get anything from this I hope that y’all see this isn’t about me. IT IS ALL, ALWAYS ABOUT GOD. I was put here to obey Him and advance His kingdom….and as Paul wrote in Philippians 1:16 “I was put here for the defense of The Gospel.”

so here I am…..somewhat reluctantly typing this up.  I have felt God calling me to write this blog, so [like all of us hard-headed christians] I posted blog-like facebook statuses and called them good enough. As most of us know, God wants us to follow Him EXACTLY, not just “good enough.” He then stepped it up by using my fabulous friends to absolutely talk my ear off about writing a blog until this morning, when I told them I would. DISCLAIMER: this is going to start off rocky and will probably always stay unpolished (exhibit A) but I know that through opening myself to God, He will speak what needs to be spoken and reach who needs to be reached. —>Pray with me as I seek His will through beautyframedbyHissuffering and use this platform as an opportunity for Him to become greater and for me to become less (john 3:30). I pray He would speak through me and help me to share with y’all exactly what he wants to tell you. Let’s make this fun, let’s make this real, let’s make this big, let’s make this God-honoring, and let’s make this all for His glory.


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