Fan or Follower?

Are you just a fan of Jesus or are you a true follower?

There is a big, important difference. An eternal altering difference.

If you’ve given your life to Christ, you WILL be in Heaven; it’s pretty simple….but, the Bible does talk about storing up your treasures in Heaven and that you will be rewarded for certain things.

Contrary to popular belief, your level of commitment does matter.

If your life has not been significantly changed/interrupted, chances are you’re just a fan, like the people in John 6 – they came to Jesus for more bread & when He told them that He is the bread of life, many turned away.

They only wanted the gifts He had to offer; not Him & some parable that takes work to understand.


And just for understanding’s sake, that whole “bread of life” thing is a bigger deal than you may think. In our culture bread is just bread, and heck, it’s often an appetizer or even a side, barely given any thought. But in the first century, it was valuable. It took a long time to make and the ceremony of eating it took hours.

It was something to put effort into, was on the mind much of the time, and was something to be savored and digested…not simply slathered with butter and gobbled down.

It was a source of life.

Jesus is the bread of life.


And Matthew 7:21-23 tells us what will happen to those fans – they will come to Him to inherit the kingdom & He will respond with “I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!” That, to me, is one of, if not THE most heart-shattering scriptures. Can you imagine?? Living your whole earthy life, thinking all is fine and dandy to then stand eyeball to eyeball with your Savior and He is not merely disgusted at the sight of you, OH NO….He doesn’t even know you.

He calls us to follow Him (about 20 times in the Word) not to put a sticker on our bumpers, listen to only Christian radio, try to stop cussing, make our ringtones a Christian song…or any of the other silly tricks you’ve tried [you are not alone, we’ve all done it].

None of those things are inherently bad, but they aren’t the things that please Him.

He wants you to follow Him; to really follow.

Fans want Jesus to inspire them but not to actually interfere with their lives; truly following Jesus will change the way you live your life, and it should (that’s a direct promise from His Word, it’s not in the fine print).

Don’t let church be your stadium, make it your sanctuary. Don’t let yourself be just a fan, allow Jesus to interrupt your life & be sold out for Him. Be a true follower. KNOW Jesus, don’t just know of Him.

For much much more on the subject, check out the inspiration for this post: Not a Fan by Kyle Idleman


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