It’s Hard To Be a Girl

You know what…it is really hard to be a girl.

And if you are a girl, you especially know that. So why in the world are we not trying to make it easier for each other??

She’s not the competition. She’s not the enemy. In fact, she’s probably just like you.

Some days she slumps onto her closet floor because none of her clothes fit right. Some days she looks in the mirror and scrunches her face because she doesn’t like what she sees. Some days she feels rejection from every angle. And some days nothing seems to go right.

So let’s stop being mean. Stop cutting eyes and talking smack. Stop the rumors.

Stop all the junk.

Instead… Smile and say hi when you pass her on campus. Ask her how she’s doing…and really listen. If her hair looks good, tell her; if you like her outfit, say it; if something good happens, celebrate. And for goodness’s sake, can we please stop being mean on social media??

 “Her success is not your failure.” AND her failure is not your success.

Jealousy and hatefulness don’t work well on anyone – root it out and let’s start encouraging and building up one another.

I challenge you to be happy for yourself so you can be happy for others too.



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