How To (really) Pray For Your Future Husband

Do y’all remember that post I wrote about praying for your future husband? Yeah, me too…it was one of my most popular posts, yet I kinda think its crap.

Don’t get me wrong – the info is good and it’s all biblical…I have it taped to my bathroom mirror and I recite it often….but see that’s the problem: “recite

Lately I haven’t been able to shake the feeling that it’s just not real. It’s not authentic.

It’s way too listy and it sets way too lofty of expectations. As much as I don’t want those things to be expectations, that’s how those seeds root themselves in my heart. NOT GOOD.

So how was I going to fix this problem?

Well….I decided to take a closer look at how I ACTUALLY pray for my future husband, when I’m not reading it from a list.

Here’s a little fun fact about me…..I have 4 years [& counting] of letters to my future husband in a box in my closet. Some of you may find that dorky, some endearing…whatever…I kinda dig it (and here’s to hoping he will too!!).

And you should feel special, because only like 5 people knew about that……well until now…so feel really special, because not only do you now know about them but you’re fixing to read a bit of what’s in them.

Anyway, I consulted those letters and my prayer journals to see how I am actually praying for my future hubs in the day to day….and here’s what I came up with.

Here are the REAL things I pray for my future husband:: some are silly and some are serious…this is almost totally unfiltered – typical.


I pray that he would have a forgiving heart…because I tend to need forgiveness..a lot.

I want him to know he’s so loved.

To stay strong and fighting for the Lord.

To recklessly love God.

I pray that he and I would not excite our love until we are ready, in the Lord’s time….and that when that comes we’d have some clarity.

I fall in love with things all the time. I’m a lover, it’s what I do…and I’m over the top about it. The way I love him will be different though; it’ll be deeper and harder – I’ll fall faster. I know that and so I’ll give him a couple of chances to catch me…that’s only fair.

I’m not the most patient person…but I’ll try to be patient with him. I pray he sees my effort, because there will be more progress than actual success.

As God molds me into the perfect woman for him, I pray that He is doing a work in his life as well. I pray that he would follow God’s plan, and choose me.

I pray he would know he’s enough…that as his wife (and even before we’re married) I would do a good job of making sure he knows that.

“I pray that you forgive me though I am flawed, that you love me though I’ve been lost, and that you feel loved by me even when I don’t love myself.”

I pray that I would be able to show him the love of Christ like he deserves. That I would embody 1 Cor 13:4-8.

That when things get tough we will stand through the fire – hand in hand.

I pray that I would always make known how deeply I love him. When things get hard, I pray especially then he knows I love him.

“I pray that I will stay when I could leave, love when I could hate, hope when I could despair, and heal when I could destroy. I pray I look like Jesus. I pray that I can be everything you deserve and more.” [I also pray that he’s as obsessed as I am with the quote that’s from^]

That wherever he is today, someone makes him feel loved…that he is respected and cherished…I pray that whoever has him for now knows what they have….that he would grow/progress in his walk and who he is as a man of faith.

I pray that he trusts the Lord fully today and that he would act in obedience best he can.

I pray that the Lord would be molding me into the woman of his dreams. I pray that I am everything he hopes I am. I pray that by the time He brings us together I will have learned how to love him best and that I am ready to keep learning.

I pray that he like my tattoos & has a bunch of his own.

That he loves the goofy way I jam in the car (& everywhere else I go too).

I pray that he loves to drive/road trip/ramble.

That he would be patient in teaching me his hobbies and sharing his passions – I really do care, I really do want to do them with him.

That he likes to smack my butt when he walks by or when he opens the door for me.

I pray that he wants lots of kids – to foster, to adopt, and to name our kids weird names.

JOURNALS (I just went back through the last year in these…) – 

“I pray that he will constantly seek Your face. I pray that he has an intimate relationship with You and has the wisdom, courage, and strength to be the head of our home.

I pray his eyes and mind are kept as pure as possible in this twisted world.

I pray he also sees and thinks the best of others.

I pray he has a Proverbs 31 wife.

I pray that he is a hard worker in all things he does, like Colossians 3:23 says to be.”

“I pray for my future husband, wherever he is, I pray Your hedge of protection over him.

Direct his path, help him to keep his eyes, mind, and heart pure.

Make me into the best wife possible. Prepare me to be right for him in our right time. Give us clarity to know we were made for each other. Help us to bring each other closer to You and to glorify You.”

“I pray he is strong and courageous, yet gentle and loving. ‘Tough for & tender with.’

Lord, I pray he is (at least tries to be) slow to anger and quick to forgive.

Lord, I just pray that he is everything You have called him to be.

I pray he loves and knows You more than anything.

I pray he is a man after Your own heart.

Lord, give my future husband the best wife possible.”

“I pray that right in this exact moment, my future husband would feel Your presence and my love…not necessarily me personally, but just the love of his future wife.

I trust You Lord with Your choosing of him and I thank You for entrusting us with each other’s hearts, but also with the furthering of Your Kingdom through our future family.”

“I pray that we would love You first & each other second. I pray that we are equally yoked and both in constant pursuit of You. Help us to do great things for Your Kingdom.”

“I pray in this moment, RIGHT NOW, that he would know how deeply loved he is by You and how deeply loved he is by me. I pray You would give him a glimpse of our future and that he would continue to follow You down the road to that future.

Help us to both respect each other not only once we are together but now too. We love You Jesus, help us to grow in our love for You more – use us together for Your glory.”

“I pray that he would have spiritual endurance, that he would run the race for You and would not grow weary because he will seek You in those tired moments.”

“I pray that he is doing life for You and because of that, he would bear the fruits of the Spirit and that You would work on the both of us as we work our way to each other according to Your plan.”

So there ya have it…some of my dearest prayers and deepest wishes for my future.

Repetition and reciting prayers are easy to do, and nice when backed by scripture, but can also be dangerous because when we do that we miss out on authentic communication with our Creator and the ultimate Romancer of our hearts.

My original post is still posted and not going anywhere, I just want y’all to know that I don’t dig the rigid vibe it took on…it still can be a helpful outline, but prayer should be genuine and organic.

I hope some combination of both can be your jam — make your conversations with God real AND inspired by scripture. I hope both help you to pray for YOUR future husband in a way as unique as you…whether it be for him to be a worshiper like David or something more selfish like loving to jam to The Great Divide…you talk to God and you do you, girl.

& shout out to Emily Acker for helping me conclude this post {and helping me do life} when my brain was fried…


2 thoughts on “How To (really) Pray For Your Future Husband

  1. I love love love this. As someone who has been raised in church and made my fair share of mistakes. These standards are perfect, every person is different as well as their walk with God. We as humans are flawed (which is how God made us) we can be imperfect because we serve a perfect God. This sets such a great “realistic” goals for REAL people that make mistakes but love God with all their heart. ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. so glad you love it — and yes, you are spot on sis!! “you were dead in your transgressions and sins….but because of His great love for us, God, who is rich in mercy, made us alive with Christ — it is by grace you have been saved” eph 2:1, 4-5. SO THANKFUL FOR THE BIG “BUTS” OF THE BIBLE!!


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